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The Future of Life Institute (FLI) is an independent non-profit working to reduce large-scale, extreme risks from transformative technologies. We also aim for the future development and use of these technologies to be beneficial to all. Our work includes grantmaking, educational outreach, and policy engagement. Our EU transparency register number is 787064543128-10.

In Europe, FLI has two key priorities: i) promote the beneficial development of artificial intelligence and ii) regulate lethal autonomous weapons. FLI works closely with leading AI developers to prepare its policy positions, funds research through recurring grant programs and regularly organises global AI conferences. FLI created one of the earliest sets of AI governance principles – the Asilomar AI principles. The Institute, alongside the governments of France and Finland, is also the civil society champion of the recommendations on AI in the UN Secretary General’s Digital Cooperation Roadmap.

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The EU Research Lead at the Future of Life Institute and a PhD Researcher at KU Leuven.